Sensible Horsemanship

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What Can You Expect?


No matter what kind of riding discipline you participate in, the communication skills you can learn cross all boundaries.  We all want the same things: responsiveness, softness, collection, manners and respect. Through lessons, participating in a workshop or training horse on the fundamentals  (before training you), will open your mind to all you can accomplish with your horse.  Learn the language that horses understand.   Develop your communication skills as an Active Horseman/woman versus being reactive.  Your horse will breathe a sigh of relief and you will have that smile back on your face.

You Will Learn:

 1.  Softness and responsiveness from better rider awareness.

 2.  Solve handling and performance issues by learning how to break down your goals.  

 3.  Learn how to set up your horse for success in maneuvers.

 4.  Connect the rein to specific body parts for direction and collection.

 5.  Create more energy from building softness which leads to better control.

 6.  Develop you and your horses focus.

You’ll be surprised what you’ve been missing all these years.




Evaluation (up to 1 hr.) - $65

 Lesson (1 hour ) -  $65


*Lesson blocks of 10 lessons will receive a discount if paid in full on signup.  Call for pricing. 


*Travel fees will be applied for distance over 15 miles.

Call for pricing.

Training Workshops - 1 to 3 Days


$150 - per horse/rider team per day

Riders required to be 16 yrs of age and older.  Minimum of 4 - maximum of 8 participants. 

We keep the numbers small to make sure everyone has time for one on one work with Cindy McDevitt. 






A limited amount of horses are accepted for private training. These horses will be able to progress with the owner more easily after having had a clear start in their foundation.  Thus creating less frustration for both.  Pricing depends on the horse so an evaluation is always recommended.