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Quotes I am very happy with the training my horse recieved, and the education I recieved from Cindy. Excellant job Cindy, well done. This is my second time to use Cindy and her skill and know how continue to impress me. In a world where customer service is zero, you know you can rely on Cindy to do an excellant job. I would recommend Cindy to everyone !! Quotes
Janice Cole
Horse owner

Quotes My Quarter Horse, Aspen & I were having problems with collection. Even though I live in TN, I knew we had to make the trip to FL to spend time with Cindy. We only had a week, but Cindy made it one of our most productive weeks ever! The day to day difference in my horse was amazing! To see her collect herself from ground work was truly inspiring.... We had a very educational week, and plan to continue our learning with Cindy again next year, for 2 weeks!!!!! Quotes
Aspen says "Thank you!"

Quotes This past weekend, my family and I camped next to Cindy and her mom, Diane at our annual Russell Mania Trial. We all own Jack Russell Terriers and these trials are a great way to simulate a hunting environment for our dogs.. At nearly 6 years old, Calico has problems with her spine and rear legs. I have begun the quest to find relief for her with alternative therapies including chiropractic and acupunture. I was sharing Calico's experience with Cindy around the campfire last Saturday and the next morning, before the day's events, Cindy gave Calico her first treatment. The session only lasted for 25 minutes but the outcome was amazing. Our little dog, who performed under her potential on Saturday, tore up the competition on Sunday with 1 championship & 2 reserve championships. She felt so much better, and as a result, she was able to shine at what she loves. The ribbons and prizes were great but the best part was knowing Calico felt real pain relief. Thank you Cindy Quotes
Carole Baskette
How Reiki Therapy and canine massage helped Calico Jack

Quotes I would like to let everyone know that the training that Cindy did with my horse Black Jack was by far the best ground work i could have every asked for. Since then i have been able to go on 6 mile trail rides with out having any pretraining with BJ (Black Jack) and I contribute that to Cindy's training she did with my horse. So if you want a very trained horse you must and should use Cindy when having your horse trained. The point of the articile is that she trained my horse so good that i do not have to do much refresher with BJ prior to trail rides are any kind of events. Also my horse is a great learner do to the foundation that she gave to my horse BJ. So i just thought you might like to hear my success story. Also just thought you would like to know i am Disable Vet and my horse treats me and anyone around him with respect and has ecellent manners, so thanks for the trained horse. Oh yeah when i put the saddle on him he just toke a deep breath and just stood there and off we wen Quotes

Quotes I met the most wonderful person-friend when I called Cindy to help me with my TWH Stoney. I love her training methods and her attitude and especially her love for horses. She taught me from the ground up and especially about safety around these beautiful creatures. I really can't express how grateful I am to have met her!!!! She is worth every penny! Quotes
Krissy Willer
Restaurant owner & mom

Quotes I came in for "...just a tune up. One or two lessons max", and fell in love with your herd of awesome Arabians. Thanks to you and Willow and Stormy, my eyes were opened to a entirely new realm of horsemanship. Thank you. Quotes
eyes opened

Quotes I was at the point of selling my horse because of "behavior issues" when I met Cindy. I soon came to understand it was I that needed the training the most. I have a wonderful horse that I love to ride now, thanks to Cindy. Quotes

Quotes Cindy has trained three of my horses over the past several years. She just finished starting my new horse Charkhal an Akhal-Teke/Mustang cross. He came with several problems and she was able to turn him around and make him a safe horse to ride. She started him with all of the ground work and now has him out on the trail. I have been receiving training myself on my riding, trying to acheive a more balanced seat. She has been very patient with me during the process. I am still a work in progress but am getting there. I have taken lessons from other trainers in the past but prefer Cindy's stlye which is all about making you and your horse a better team. I also ride in a Specialized Saddle that I purchased from Cindy. I like the fact it fits any horse I own and is comfortable to ride mile after mile in it. And I have put miles and miles on it. When you start training with Cindy you will wonder why you didn't call her sooner. Quotes
Linda Winkel

Quotes "Thank you! I will defend your training methods and philosophies to anyone. My horse is the proof." Quotes
L.M., Colorado

Quotes "I just can't say enough about how pleased I am with the wonderful, extremely competent work that Cindy has done in teaching Willow in such a short time and giving love to our filly and family." Quotes
P.D.T., Nassau, Bahamas