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Meet Cindy McDevitt


  Cindy McDevitt has been working professionally with horses for over 30 years, from Dressage to Endurance riding. Cindy has been a farrier since 1987 but her passion has always been teaching people methods so they can safely get along and understand their equine friends. Learning the "how and why," is really at the top of the list. If people don't know what they want how can they expect the horse to know? So what's the secret? Knowledge. And that's what Cindy will give you.


Safety has always been the top priority in all her work and that is what led her to become a Certified John Lyons Trainer in 1998. "Having been taught by John Lyons himself was quite an honor." In 1999 Cindy was invited to be a part of John Lyons Select Trainers Program, continuing on with more advanced training thru 2005.

Cindy is a Reiki Master and is available for Reiki sessions for both animals and humans. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Both Cindy and her mother Diane are also available to teach Reiki so that people can both help themselves and their animals. "Rei" means universal and is Spiritual Wisdom. "Ki" is Life Energy.

Cindy resides in Fellsmere, Florida almost sitting on the Indian River and Brevard County line with her Arabian horses, Australian Cattle Dogs and Jack Russells.

Cindy is available for lessons, training and workshops in and out of the state.